Industrial Floor Marking Color Standards

    2 min read Color-coded systems are one of the most effective visual cues for quickly communicating important information. The pipe labels, safety signs, equipment tags, and floor marking all present you with the opportunity to follow a color system that is easy to follow and will keep your facility safe and efficient. Before you begin purchasing floor tape, …

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    Floor Marking Applications

    2 min read Floor markings are an excellent tool for any visual communication strategy. While there are many creative ways a facility can employ floor markings, the following are among the most utilized applications. 1. Hazardous Areas It is critical to visually alert employees and visitors to potentially hazardous areas. Place floor marking in front of and around: …

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    floor signs

    Floor Signs Can Improve Productivity and Safety

    4 min read There are not too many organizations out there that given the chance, would say ‘no’ to improving their overall productivity and safety. It’s an ongoing struggle that requires constant attention, if you’re going to find ways to improve upon them. When given the chance, many managers and safety consultants jump at the opportunity to improve …

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    SafetyTac floor tape, safety floor tape

    Safety Floor Tape

    4 min read Safety is always a hot topic around the workplace, especially one where the potential for injury is high. The problem with most of these discussions is that they often result in a whole lot of talking and very little action. A common overlooked item that could help solve a lot of safety issues discussed, is …

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    Floor Tape + 5S = Success

    4 min read When you walk through your facility, do you have more questions than answers? Do you get frustrated with the lack of organization and attention to detail in your facility’s procedures? Do you wish there was a way you could standardize work in a way that kept your facility working as efficiently as possible, at all …

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    Free Floor Tape

    3 min read The End of Floor Paint? Whether you’re trying to improve safety in the workplace or implementing the Lean process known as 5S, aisle and floor marking are extremely important to your cause. For years, organizations relied on floor paint to address these needs, mainly because there was nothing else out there. That’s all changed now. …

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    Anti-Slip Floor Tape Prevents Slips and Falls

    3 min read In may not be December 21st yet, but for most parts of the country, winter is in full swing. Which means it’s a great time to re-evaluate some of your preventative safety measures around the workplace. Wet and icy conditions bring with them a much greater chance for slip and fall injuries around the workplace. …

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    floor tape in action

    Floor Tape in Action

    3 min read Northwest auto shop turns to floor tape to help improve safety and boost productivity. When you are working with dangerous equipment and heavy machinery, safety is always a concern. Add in customers and the fact that you’re an ongoing training facility and you have yourself a recipe for potential injuries, or worse. The auto repair …

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