Kyle Kohlman
As a Content Developer for Creative Safety Supply, I pride myself on creating educational, well researched content to a niche audience of safety enthusiasts and safety managers around the globe. The philosophies and concepts of Kaizen, 5S, and Lean play a significant role in my own personal ideologies and help fuel the creativity behind my writing. Via the many communication channels offered by CSS, my goal is to help educate, motivate, and improve the safety of people, both at home and at work.
Floor Signs floor signs
Floor Signs Can Improve Productivity and Safety
There are not too many organizations out there that given the chance, would say ‘no’ to improving their overall productivity and safety.
floor tape SafetyTac floor tape, safety floor tape
Safety Floor Tape
Safety is always a hot topic around the workplace, especially one where the potential for injury is high. The problem with most
5S A key laying on a piece of paper with the word "success" on it.
Floor Tape + 5S = Success
When you walk through your facility, do you have more questions than answers? Do you get frustrated with the lack of organization
floor tape floortape-vs-floorpaint
Free Floor Tape
The End of Floor Paint? Whether you’re trying to improve safety in the workplace or implementing the Lean process known as 5S,
visual workplace visual workplace
Embrace The Visual Workplace
The Visual Workplace 101 Coined by Lean manufacturing experts, the visual workplace is a workplace that places critical information at the point
anti-slip tape caution-wet-floor
Anti-Slip Floor Tape Prevents Slips and Falls
In may not be December 21st yet, but for most parts of the country, winter is in full swing. Which means it’s
floor tape floor tape in action
Floor Tape in Action
Northwest auto shop turns to floor tape to help improve safety and boost productivity. When you are working with dangerous equipment and