Top 3 Reasons Why I Think Floor Tape Is Better Than Paint

This post is about how a really high-quality tape is better than paint for marking floors.  It’s also cheaper in the long-run, too!

Why the comparisons, they’re completely different materials, right?

I say, wrong.

First off, I say that tape is more time and cost-efficient than paint for lining floors in manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Why do I think this?  I think tape is superior to paint because it is quicker to apply.  Think about it.  Whenever you’ve had to paint something that needed to go on the floor–wasn’t it a pain in the neck?  You had to strip up the previous materials/paint, then let that dry.  Then, you had to paint the new line, then let THAT dry.  Maybe even let it cure–which takes more time if you want things to stick and stay.  What happened if you put the wrong kind of paint down on a weird surface?  That’s right, it bubbled or chipped up later.

Back to the drawing board.

With a good tape, you can lightly spray the surface with a cleaner like Simple Green, wipe it up, let it dry–a couple minutes tops–then put the tape down.  Easy.  No mess–no clean- up.  No waiting for cure times–maybe you might have to drive a forklift or pallet jack over it to tamp it a bit, but BANG!, you’re done.

Next reason is that I think tape has a more uniform look and texture to it and ends up looking more professional.

When you paint, it takes the contour of the surface, but it also takes on the contour of the paint below it, and often has a very mottled look to it.  In some manufacturing plants or warehouses, I think this gives an unprofessional look and makes it seem as though people don’t care about keeping up the place.  Tape doesn’t have this kind of look–I mean, you have to buy an industrial-quality tape, and those tend to mean a bit more investment, but, if there is a problem spot in your factory, you just cut up the problem area, and butt-splice in a new piece.  Not complicated.

My last reason tape is superior to paint for marking floors is because you can print messages on them.  

Say, you need to have a custom word printed on it that reads “CAUTION FORKLIFTS!”  With Paint, you would have to either make a stencil and re-paint everything, or you could just order floor tape with custom printing on it.

I think these reasons make a pretty clear argument for using tape in a factory, warehouse, or some other production type facility.

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